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Nestle Munch Chocolate Bar

Nestle Munch Chocolate Bar

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Why this chocolate? Nothing can be more exciting than getting transferred to a world full of crunchylicious, delicious treats. Munch chocolate lets you experience a crunchy wafer coated with rich chocolate. What makes it unique? Discover the perfect texture, flavour and crunchiness of the wafer bar that will delight your senses to the fullest. Bite into this crunchy delight for an irresistible chocolate-eating experience. When to have this chocolate? Savour Munch wafer bar whenever your mood strikes for something sweet and delicious, while binge-watching, on the go or share it with your loved ones to create sweet memories. Munch wafer chocolate makes for a perfect treat to savour life’s little pleasures and have fun. 


Size - 8.9g Bar

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