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Nestle Milkybar

Nestle Milkybar

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Why Milkybar? Enjoy a delicious treat with Nestlé Milkybar. A true delight which lets you enjoy the yummy and creamy taste in every bite with milk 1st in its recipe.

What makes it unique? The delicious and creamy taste of Nestlé Milkybar makes it an indulgent treat.

When to have Milkybar? This yummy bar with milk being 1st in its recipe is best enjoyed when shared. Relish life’s little pleasures with treats that are yummy to eat and fun to share.

  • MILK IS 1ST IN ITS RECIPE: Enjoy a creamy treat with Nestlé Milkybar where milk is 1st in the recipe
  • YUMMY TASTE: Delight your taste buds with the yummy taste of Milkybar
  • ENJOY IT ANYTIME: A perfect treat for after-meal indulgence or on the go
  • VEGETARIAN PRODUCT: Milkybar is a vegetarian product

Size - 12.5g

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