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Desi Snack Attack

Dairy Milk Lollypop

Dairy Milk Lollypop

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India has launched a Cadbury Dairy Milk Lolly Pop offering a unique indulgent experience. This all-new Cadbury's lolly is scrumptious and sure to tantalise your taste buds.

You can enjoy the hard outer caramel casing of this Cadbury Lolly and relish the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate inside. Each Cadbury's lollypop is 8g

We love Indian candy and stock a range of Indian sweets and chocolate bars from Cadburys, Nestle and Mars, all made in India with an Indian twist or discontinued in the UK. Did you know that dates printed on Indian candy is the date of manufacture and NOT the Best Before date? Chocolate from India is good to eat for nine months after that date.


Please Note:

Confectionery Dates in India have a different Format. The date of Manufacture is listed NOT the BEST BEFORE. Chocolate is recommend fresh for Nine months after date of Manufacture.


Liquid Glucose, Sugar, MILKChocolate (12%*))Sugar, Cocoa BUTTER, MILK solids (2.0%*), Cocoa Solids, Lactose, Emulsifiers (E442, E476), Flavours (Natuaral, Nature Idemtical and Artificial (Caramel, Vanilla) Flavourinmg Substance), Hydrogenerated Vegetable Oils, MILk Solids, Emulsifiers (E442, E471), Stabilizer (E414), Idolized Salt, Artificial (Vanilla) Flavourimg Substance.

Contains: MILK, and SULPHITES.

May Contain WHEAT, SOY

Made in India

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