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Boomer Mint Bubblegum - 6 pck

Boomer Mint Bubblegum - 6 pck

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Its time to pay a visit down the memory lane with the bright and delicious flavour of the original bubble gum. It was present in all your childhood memories, whether you were having fun with your sibling, going on a trip with your parents or playing with friends in the evening. Boomer takes you back to the good old days when you were young, stress-free, carefree and took pleasure in peeling open your favourite pack of boomer gum.

Treat yourself to the explosively fresh mint flavour of fun and delicious Wrigleys Boomer. This fun minty bubble gum is striped and loaded with nostalgia and a long-lasting sweet taste. Boomer mint flavoured bubble gum fills your mouth with smiles to remind you of the time when its sweet smell would make you all jump in joy! And when youre smiling, its much easier to connect with those around you.

Reminisce old days with your loved ones or make new memories by sharing a Boomer bubble gum. Revisit old times by challenging them into a bubble-blowing contest just like you did in your childhood or carry this sweet treat wherever you go for a juicy taste anytime you want. Go ahead and try the very exciting Boomer Jelly for a splash of happiness and fruity flavours!

Size - 18.6g

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