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Boomer Chewing Gum Strawberry flavour - Pack of 10

Boomer Chewing Gum Strawberry flavour - Pack of 10

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Remember the bright flavor of the original bubble gum and the
oh-so-sweet smell when you peeled open a pack? It’s still the
same, it’s still Boomer. With Wrigley’s Boomer Strawberry
Flavoured Bubble Gum, treat yourself to the explosively fruity
flavor of a fun and delicious bubble gum. This delicious chewing
gum is colorfully striped and loaded with a long lasting sweet
taste. Share a moment with your friends and family by sharing a
Boomer chewing gum. It may seem like something very little, but
sometimes these little things are the ones that last the longest.
Challenge your friends into a bubble-blowing contest or simply
share one to make your dull moments a little better.


Pack of 10

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